Anissa-Of-Syria-A-Christian-Refugee-Saga-Book_CoverMoved by the headlines about the tragedy in Syria and Iraq, and the growing threat of ISIS, I wondered how these developments might feel from the perspective of a religious minority in Homs, Syria.

I imagined a vulnerable Christian community threatened by the onslaught of the Islamic State, as the world suddenly changes dramatically for the worse.

Soon, I envisioned a young Syrian-Christian woman fleeing fear, violence, and tragic loss, and eventually finding a new life as a refugee in the United States. That’s how Anissa was born.

The Love of Antioch series is her story. It is a story of survival, love, and the triumph of the human spirit.

Anissa’s saga is told as a first-hand account of her gripping experience, in diary form.

To embark on this moving journey, start with part one of the series:

Anissa of Syria

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